In one of my previous blogs, “Cottagecore – Embracing Comfort” I wrote about how a great number of people are wanting something a bit different out of their homes and backyards. Cottagecore is all about simple comforts.

Cottage Garden

Going along with Cottagecore is the idea of a cottage garden, which originated a long time ago with families focusing on growing their own food. Now, these types of gardens are more ornamental and can create a charming area, that starts with your own vision of what to add to the space. More so than other gardens, this type is about nature so straight lines are out. Instead of mowing a tidy plot of grass, let some of the weeds grow in making a garden. Then place winding paths amongst the mixed stems and flowers tumbling over stone walls.

Whether you want your cottage garden based around fruits and vegetables, or prefer the fragrance and colorful pallets of flowers and flowering bushes, both add so much to your backyard. This type of garden has a very calming effect that can help you find time away from all the craziness of modern life. Just start with a small piece of the yard and work on it from there.

Add A Touch of Rainscaping

Along with that, you can add plants that will love the rain from the storms that come through Wake County by using a little rainscaping while you create your cottage garden. Don’t forget to have a place to sit or even entertain to enjoy all the marvelous colors of the season. Floating decks or stone-built areas make that possible.

You can train flowering vines over pergolas or gazebos to add color to them and give a little shade. Add bird baths and feeders so you can bird-watch from the comfort of your backyard. Adding a small stream or waterfall is not only beneficial in helping some of the plants stay watered but also the birds.

Light The Cottage Garden

And of course, there is always lighting to add to it. You’ll want nice soft lighting so you can enjoy the night sky or just find peace and quiet. If your backyard is small make sure you don’t over-light it as this will make it look even smaller. Soft lighting also provides a new viewpoint of your cottage garden while highlighting some of the more colorful plants and flowers.

One of the best things about a cottage garden is you get to choose how much maintenance you want to have to do. Adding the right type of plants and wild growth will keep your involvement down throughout the year so all you have to do is enjoy it.