If you feel like most of us here in Wake County, we can all agree that we have had enough rain for a while, a long while. Do you believe that January ended as the 11th wettest month at RDU, with 5.42 inches of rain in both Raleigh and Fayetteville?


So with all this rain, a term keeps popping up – Rainscaping. So what is rainscaping? It is crafting your yard in a way that manages water smartly, both coming into the yard and leaving it. Rainscaping = adding a rain garden which catches water that would have flowed into the street or flooded your yard. They naturally clean and release that water into the soil. They help prevent soil erosion, i.e., the wearing down of topsoil in your yard. They can even prevent potential floods by reducing the amount of water that ends up in a storm drain.

It is about making your yard and property water friendly.

Consider alternatives to grass in your yard. Native ornamental grasses can be a beautiful choice as they grow at different heights, have different textures and colors, and have different growing habits.

Many times native perennials, shrubs, and trees are used to effectively manage stormwater. There are over 100 native species: Broomsedges; Bluestems; Panic Grasses; & Muhly Grass.

Also called rain gardens, they are a great way to utilize the land to reduce runoff and create an attractive landscape feature also. (Rain gardens are essentially temporary ponds created to catch and hold water allowing it to permeate into the soil instead of running off.) As most rain gardens are filled with native and pollinator plants, they are usually very beautiful too.

Here is a list of plants that RaleighNC.Gov puts out to help you build one in your yard. https://raleighnc.gov/SupportPages/6-best-plants-rain-gardens

If you really want great rainscaping, give your landscaper a call and discuss what you would like with him. I’m sure he has great ideas.

If you want to be able to use your deck during rainy days (and hot sunny days), give Holly Springs a call 919-346-0678. We can add a roof, roof and screen it in, or even enclose it as a sunroom!