I previously wrote a blog explaining good reasons to have your deck or three-season room built in the winter months here in Southern Wake County. I made a few additions to the older blog to explain a little more.

Winter Built Deck

People often think that construction work such as building a deck can’t be done during the winter months. While it can get pretty cold here in Wake County, it is still a great time to design and build a deck or sunroom you have always wanted.

While winter might seem like a bad time to build, it is actually great for a winter built deck because contractors are very busy during the high-demand periods of spring and summer when everyone else realizes they would like to take advantage of their backyard lifestyle. If you’re afraid that it might be a little difficult to start your new deck project in winter, consider that there may be more materials available due to lesser demand.


Whether you choose wood or composite material for your custom deck, its framing is made of pressure-treated wood. In the winter because of the lower humidity, the wood will be able to dry and stabilize more consistently, which means less movement of the wood for the deck framing. Because of that, winter provides the perfect conditions.

You Can Beat The Rush

Contractors are more popular in the spring so if you decide it’s time for a new deck you won’t have to wait as long to get started. It can be advantageous to plan your construction for a winter built deck, though there may be days in North Carolina when work must halt due to inclement weather. But as we all know living in this area, we don’t get too many snow days.


Backyard construction like building a winter deck typically doesn’t interfere with your household or pets nearly as much as summer might. People tend to stay inside the house during the winter months.

One of the best benefits of all is that you and your family will be able to enjoy using your new outdoor deck or sunroom on any warmer day we might have, winter or summer. When you build your deck during the winter, it is prepared for all those good weather days ahead.


By building your new deck in the winter, you can make the most of the first warm day of the season. Plus, you’ll have ample time to customize your deck before inviting your friends and family over for some spring fun.


Composite decking is a great choice for cold-weather installations. It can withstand moisture and freezing conditions without needing any sealing or winterizing. Plus, the firm ground makes it easier to dig post holes and pour concrete footings. That’s why Autumn and Winter are ideal seasons for installing your composite deck

Getting Those Building Permits

Getting the permits necessary for an addition can be time-consuming and depending on where you live can be difficult. You’re at the mercy of the local government so it’s important to start early.

Planning ahead of time can help ensure you can get the permits in a more reasonable amount of time. If there are setbacks you have the time to deal with them prior to nice weather.

Deck Footings

Although deck footings vary in terms of materials, there are a few common ones available.

  • Precast cement deck footings
  • Buried post footings
  • Screw/helical piles

These are all possible options. There are many parameters that go into deciding which type to use, but all can be used in the winter.

Whatever your choice for decking material, railings, and color, Holly Springs Builders is here to help you make the best choices to meet your outdoor lifestyle.