Remodel that unfinished attic space in your southern wake county home

If you are finding your home a little cramped this year, but really love it, think about a remodel using that “storage space” in your attic. Holly Springs Builders can help you turn that into the office space your need freeing up space in the main part of your house, or turn it into a guest room, giving a little more privacy for family visiting.

Among the popular choices to remodel your attic or finish it off is a home office which provides a dedicated space for those who work from home as well as those who simply need an area for completing office matters at home. Comfortably outfitted, your home office may contain a desk, file cabinet, bookshelves, and any other needed furnishings in a quiet setting distanced from the rest of the home. The bonus is that it may be tax deductible as well.

Offering a cozy and private enclave for guests, remodeling your attic as a guest room is an attractive option. It easily accommodates all the furniture a guest would need — a bed, armoire, side table, and upholstered chair. What’s more, the addition of a closet makes the guest room a true bedroom, increasing the value of your home.

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