Porch Conversion

This summer many Southern wake homeowners are choosing to have a porch conversion done with their deck or patio versus the expEnse of adding an addition.

In other words, they either want to put new life into an old screened porch, or they are newly screening an area that is already covered. They’re doing this to achieve an extra area to relax and enjoy. This also gives a deck or patio more of a part-of-the-house feeling to it, while allowing enjoyment of a fresh breeze or even a soft rain.

For porch conversions, Holly Springs Builders uses BetterVue® Screening by Phifer. Do you need a screen that’s able to stand up to the elements — and maybe your kids roughhousing and occasionally knocking each other into it? Look to Phifer’s line of durable screening.

Or maybe you would prefer better daytime privacy on screened porches and pool enclosures and to guard against nosy neighbors peering into your windows. Phifer privacy screens are made from tightly woven mesh in a variety of materials.

And of course, if maintaining a view of your surroundings is important, take a look at our line of screens that offer greater outward visibility. Stay protected from insects while enjoying a crystal-clear view.

To install Phifer screens, Holly Springs Builders uses SCREENEZE® which comes in four different colors (bronze, white, sand, clay). This structure allows for a large area with no posts in the middle, which you can see below, and for a better overall design. This product is the No-Spline Screen Porch System®.

Just click on a photo below to run through the complete gallery.

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