What are homeowners looking for most?

According to Architectural Digest, they are no longer sticking to the rules of the home’s room usage.

“Clients are building and remodeling their homes by prioritizing what they enjoy doing on a daily basis or their hobbies, instead of sticking to the rules of how to use each room in a house. I have a couple who requested a cigar lounge/club-themed dining room because they enjoy preparing cocktails at sunset every day together. I have another couple who asked for only cozy and cuddle-inviting seating areas in their entire home so they can read together.” —Mariella Cruzado, principal at Splendor Styling


As more and more people are working from home, more and more people are wanting to decorate their homes with good vibes. 

You can use colors that make you feel good or give you a sense of peace. Display items that make you happy or bring back memories of people you miss. Fill your space with candles, plants, and other things that can help to create a calm atmosphere. Keep all of the clutter out by organizing it in closets or cabinets so you know where it all is.

So What Is Cottagecore?

Cottagecore is all about simple comforts. It started as a movement that began as part of the slow living movement. People wanting to return to a simpler time became enthusiasts. It has been popularized through social media, and really took hold as people living in the city fled to the suburbs in search of a simpler lifestyle. It’s about the importance of simple pleasures in our lives.

When the pandemic hit and everyone were forced to be in their homes more and more, people started wondering what the world would be like without technology and huge cities; living more in villages.
The styles of cottagecore differ from person to person, but they all focus on harmony and appreciating small things more. Cottagecore aesthetics are all about using things like floral patterns, traditional skills and warm tones. Along with that, it’s about living in the days when everyone grew and made their own food, read good books, and wore simple clothing made of natural products.

The cottagecore community has exploded since its creation and currently, there are many bloggers writing about it. Along with that, you’ll find photos on Pinterest, TikTok, and Instagram.

If this all sounds great, you may be a good candidate for joining this community. If you have a wood deck you’ll fit right in as it is a natural material. You may want to expand your deck to take advantage of your more natural outdoor lifestyle. If so, let me know!