Screened Deck or Patio

Summer is here, a time to relax and enjoy our yards, screened decks, and patios. But sometimes this can be a challenge if your patio or deck is open, due to the heat, scorching sun and pesky insects. Why not make a change this summer? Screening in an area can provide a perfect solution for several reasons.

Thwart those insect invaders.

Screened decks provide protection from unwelcome guests like bees, flies, and mosquitos while providing fresh air and outdoor enjoyment. No more flies in your family dinner! Imagine those beautiful summer evenings outside without all the bug spray and insect zappers.

Enjoy a hot, sunny, summer day outside in the shade!

Screened deckScreened areas not only provide shelter from the hot Carolina sun but a place to hang a cooling outdoor fan to enjoy the breeze. And darkened screens can reduce your UV exposure, too.

No more dashing inside as the rainy weather approaches.

Curl up with a book and enjoy the pitter- patter on the roof of your screened deck or play a family game with the kids without being cooped up in the house. No more canceled outdoor entertaining plans.

Create an outdoor room to expand your living space.

Screened decks and patios are popular as they extend not only the space but the usability of that outdoor space throughout the seasons. Screened porches become another room of your house, adding square footage for dining, entertaining and family time. Screened rooms are fun to decorate and add aesthetic character to your home. In the mild North Carolina climate, they can become four-season rooms with the addition of fireplaces for heat and curtains to block the wind. Screened areas are a great way to add a simple addition to your home.

Screened DeckHave that morning cup of coffee outdoors in your PJs or plan a romantic evening dinner.

A screened deck provides a greater sense of seclusion, intimacy and privacy. Consider screening above the chair rail for additional privacy or to avoid pets and children damaging the screens. Create a special sleeping area and enjoy falling asleep to the chirp of crickets and the night sky.

Let the roof shelter your deck from weathering.

Fewer UV rays and less rain on your deck will extend its life and decrease maintenance. The roof can also protect your home’s adjacent windows, making heating and cooling more efficient.

Increase your home’s appeal and return on investment.

Adding an appealing outdoor space to your home is not only a great investment, but it also creates an area for your family where those special memories can grow, along with adding value for future homeowners as well. While actual dollar value will vary by size and location (one appraiser estimates an average of 75% return), it stands to reason that this inviting living space will encourage buyers to imagine themselves enjoying some time relaxing there as well.

Convinced? Prepare to enjoy your new screened-in space this summer. Holly Springs Builders are your local experts, ready to make that happen for families in southern Wake County. Give us a call 919-346-0678.