So you are finally going to build that new deck. But where do you start? Along with the size of it, what material do you want it built out of? What about safety for little ones? Matt from Holly Springs Builders is here to help you through all of the options and details.

First off, you have an excellent idea. Having a custom deck built on your property has many benefits for you and your family. While adding value to your home, it adds much more for you.

And if you ever desire to sell, home buyers these days look for a home with a functional outdoor space they can enjoy. People are spending more time outside to move closer to nature.

Consider These Items Before Starting

Budget: As in every major purchase, the first thing to consider is how much money you have to spend on this investment. Some homeowners may be in a position to take out a home improvement loan, while others can pay out of savings.

Purpose: Before you decide on what shape, size and material you want to build that new deck out of, imagine first what you will be using it for. Many people like to entertain on their deck or patio, while others just want the quiet, peaceful relaxation of their backyard. There is no end to the uses of a deck and size may matter when it comes to its purpose.

Placement: Most homes have a deck attached or positioned right next to the house so it is accessible directly from an exterior door. But if you have a large yard, you may want a free-standing deck somewhere in the yard like under a nice shade tree or by a pond.

New Deck

Material: Most homeowners prefer wood decks. But there is an alternative. Composite decking comes in many different colors, some looking like wood but not needing the same maintenance. You may just like a different look at the back of your home.

Railings: There are so many types to choose from. If you are building a wood deck you can just keep with the theme and have wood railings. Or you can jazz them up and use wood and steel. Wire railings are great if you want that more modern look!

Screened or Not: If you screen a deck, you have to either already have a covered space or create one. If you want some of that wonderful shade we all love in the summers here in NC, then this is for you. If you are a sun worshiper and love being in the sunshine, then you might prefer an open deck.

Terrain: The slope and size of your backyard are always important in designing your new deck. You may only have so much room to work with, or it may need to be higher off of the ground needing several steps to get to the yard.

Planning is crucial when it comes to adding a new deck to your home. Matt walks homeowners through the steps so nothing is left to chance.