With the increasing cost of wood these days, more and more North Carolina homeowners are choosing to add a roof and screen their decks and patios versus adding an entire extension to their home.

You can just add a roof over your deck or patio, but if you decide to screen it, you will still get the feel of being outside when you enjoy it. You can capture the fresh breeze coming through without worrying about the bugs following along with it. Having the roof over the patio or deck also keeps many of the elements away so if it is a beautiful, soft rainy day, you can still enjoy the fresh smell of rain without getting soaked.

If you prefer enclosing your deck or patio with a roof, windows and screens, (a sunroom) Holly Springs Builders can install screens that are barely visible so they no longer have to block the scenic view in your backyard. They also let in more light giving you that bright, sunny room to enjoy.

When you add a roof over your deck it cuts your yearly deck maintenance back somewhat. There is no constant clearing of leaves through the fall, no yearly power washing needed and you don’t have to take cushions on and off of your furniture so they don’t get wet.

If you choose to add a roof over your outdoor area, you can add electrical outlets, lights, shades or curtains creating a decor that is warm and welcoming, making it feel more like part of your home.

To really add attraction to your newly enclosed or covered deck, you can choose from several types of skirting for it. Lattice always looks attractive and provides good ventilation under the deck area. Wood planks always do the job well too. They can be stained or just allow the pressure treated wood to color by weathering.

Lattice Skirting

You can place wood  or composite skirting horizontally which conveys a rich contemporary vibe while elongating the appearance of your home. If you prefer you can have them installed vertically, then paint it whatever color that coordinates with your window and door trim.  

Speaking of composite, you can have this installed vertically or horizontally and choose from a variety of widths. Composite lattice panels are also available. And a main benefit is composite deck skirting’s immunity to rot! 

And last but not least, creating a sunroom always adds more value (and enjoyment) to your home. Give Matt at Holly Springs a call to have him help you with the best suggestions for your covering and enclosure today!