Home Projects

You may be starting to plan home projects for 2021. We’ve all been in our homes a lot this year and getting outdoors more may be ideal, so you might be thinking about adding a patio or deck, or a three season room.

Before you start getting estimates, you need to figure out your budget. Once you have that set, you might want to start an internet search or looking at magazines. It  is a great way to get new ideas. 

While you are searching for the style and type of deck you would like, keep in mind which type might work best for your home, your yard, and your family.

Various Uses

If you have a nice big yard you might want to choose a detached or freestanding deck. They can be placed in an area of your yard with no attachment to the house. It is a great way of making use of a larger back yard. Then create a path of stones or other materials leading to it.

If your home is on a nice level lot you may prefer a platform deck built at ground level. These types of decks generally do not need railings or steps off of them. 

And of course if you have a country style home, you may really prefer a wraparound type deck. This would give you the nice cozy feel of the country-style porch. It also gives you the option of sitting on just about any side of your home. 

If you have the budget and really want to go to town think about a multi level deck. This type of deck takes a tiered approach, offering a different feature on each level. One part can be for grilling, one part can be for sunning, and maybe even another for entertaining. Many times this type of deck is great for lots that aren’t completely flat also.

And last but not least if you have a pool, above ground or below, you can always use a pool deck. Deck wood is designed to resist getting slippery when wet so it is a great addition to your pool. And don’t forget about putting a deck around that new hot tub you got from Santa. Maybe even add a privacy screen so you’re not showing your neighbors all the extra weight you put on during the holidays.

The Builders

Also carefully vet whatever company you chose to do the building of your home projects for home you. If you have friends, neighbors or relatives who’ve done similar projects, ask them who they worked with and discuss what they liked about the company.

Add Shade

And if you don’t like sitting out in the direct sunlight during the summer months, there are many types of stylish umbrellas you can use to add shade.  Some of the types are cantilever umbrellas, rectangular umbrellas, solar powered lights umbrellas, uv protection umbrellas, and the standard market type umbrellas. Add to that, there are so many colors to choose from to compliment your outdoor decor.

Get an Estimate

Or of course, you could build one with a ceiling which is called a porch! I give free estimates so give me a call when you are ready.

Whatever your home projects are for 2021, here is to a fantastic year.