It can be tough trying to be organized.

After all, we have so much to organize. We have our yards, inside our homes (all those rooms), our businesses, our vehicles and more.  All need maintained and organization helps with that.

Let’s Start With Small Rooms

Shelving is a huge help in small rooms where floor space is in demand. The shelving can be decorative, yet very functional adding baskets and containers to hold many of the items that may have previously just been laying around.

Disheveled Living Rooms & Family Rooms

Built-in shelving is great if you have it. You can create a library type look with them, or a fabulous place for photos or knick-knacks. You can even hang artwork in them. Just make sure they have an organized and spacious look to them. Shelving on both sides of a fireplace always adds a wonderfully balanced look and lots of storage. Add a fresh coat of paint before you start so they look pristine.  

Empty Dirty Attics, Garages or Basements

Wow, where to start! So much space that is either left empty or piled with “stuff” that may or may not be used often. In your garage add racks that you can hang items off of or even cupboards (if you have the room) to use for storage. You can also buy stand-up shelving and use baskets or containers to put things in to give it a nice organized look. And please don’t waste that precious living space of an attic to throw old stuff and holiday decorations in when you could turn that into an extra bedroom, an office or a kid’s playroom adding more value to your home. Basements, like garages, can be painted and racks added for hanging items. Shelving can also create much-needed storage space. Yet again, a basement or part of one can be finished off to create a great game room, sports area or whatever your imagination sees.

Bedroom Disasters

Many of us toss clothes just about anywhere in our bedrooms. We also love to ignore making the bed (I know I do). So let’s get that organized with built-in or purchased drawer sets. You can also use an area rug if your flooring is not carpeted giving it a cozy feeling. Add a few hooks on the back of the door to hang robes on. And if you love to collect hats (ball caps) put up a set of hooks on the wall to display them on. 

Cluttered Kitchens

Many times there just aren’t enough cupboards in a kitchen, so think about hanging some of the pots and pans in an empty space like below the counter tops or above the island. Make use of every inch that you can of wall space. And let’s talk about organizing that pantry. Make sure you are using it to the best of its ability by utilizing clearly marked storage containers or glass ones so you can visually see what is in them.


I won’t go there. I’ve seen in a lot of homes when adding a new deck or sunroom for them, that appear so organized creating the look of comfort. Disorganized rooms tend to give off anxious vibes to visitors, and I’m sure those who live in them, though they may not realize it. So if you need one space to just toss items into, make it the closets. At least there you can close the door and only look at it when needed.

If you can organize your home, you can organize your business, yard, and vehicle much more easily. Organization saves time in finding what you need, gives you a relaxing feeling when you enter the space and particularly in businesses, tends to let your customers feel more confident when working with you.

I build comfortable spaces on the backside of homes that help people feel relaxed and unwind. I can’t say I’ve ever seen an unorganized deck or sunroom. So if a new deck or sunroom would help you relax and maybe even give you the incentive to organize more of your home, give me a call.