Dress Up Your Deck

Think of your deck as another room of your house and create a space that you’ll love to spend time in. Connect your outside space to the interior of your home with inviting color, texture, and design elements that match your personal style.

Choose colors that either coordinate with or complement your home. Splashes of color can be added in many ways to create a unifying ambiance. Consider the ways that your deck is used and include special features to enhance your lifestyle.

Pillows, Throws and Cushions

Add cozy style to your deck with durable pillows and cushions in a variety of bright, cheerful prints, colors and textures. Choose outdoor fabrics to protect from sun and weather and spray them with additional protectant. Pile pillows and throws onto benches, sofas, and chairs for warmth and comfort and include some comfy floor cushions for extra seating that can easily be moved and stored.

Screened Deck

Rugs and Flooring

Break up an expanse of wood decking and define your deck areas with colorful rugs. Rugs can add visual textures, feel great underfoot and help cut down on the dirt being tracked inside your home. Outdoor rugs dry quickly, fade less, and are easily swept clean with a broom. If rugs aren’t your thing, try staining the deck floorboards or even creating a painted rug to add color and personality to your outdoor room.

Curtains, Shades, and Sails

If shade or privacy are priorities, fabric drapes and panels can provide a solution and function as colorful design elements as well. Curtains bring an intimate feel to your outdoor space while shades and sails attached to your house, poles or pergola help keep you cool on sunny days and dry during brief summer showers.


Transition from indoors to your outdoor landscape by adding natural organic, plant elements to your deck. Chose taller pots and plants to create a privacy screen or to divide deck spaces. Lemongrass or evergreen arborvitaes can be good options. Do you have an outdoor kitchen? Place pots of your favorite herbs nearby. A variety of colorful ceramic pots and seasonal flowers add visual interest to your deck. Group plants with different heights and foliage together keeping in mind that they’ll need similar sun requirements. Add fragrant plants like lavender or gardenias to enjoy when in season. To dress up your deck and create a warm welcome for visitors you could also place plants along the sides of your deck steps. Is there a blank wall space? Why not try a vertical wall garden as your outdoor art?

Tranquil Water

Imagine relaxing on your deck to the soothing sound of a fountain or waterfall. Fountains are easy to create with garden pots and recirculating pumps. Perhaps there is a spot by the deck for a tranquil water garden? Place a hammock nearby and settle in for a peaceful nap.

Art Gallery

You can dress up your deck by decorating your outside walls like your inside walls. Consider architectural salvage pieces or yard art, sculptures and statues that can survive the outdoor elements. Interrupt large spaces of wall with color and texture and add a unique, whimsical conversation piece to grab your guests’ attention.

An Outdoor Bar

Does a cold drink sound good on a warm summer’s day? Perhaps you’d enjoy an outdoor bar area. Wheeled carts, painted flea market furniture, or converted garden potting units all offer serving and storage solutions with character. Is there extra wall or railing space? A serving ledge can be fun with a few tall bar stools. Drinks, anyone?

Whatever your personal style, make the most out of your deck by dressing it to impress!

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