We hope you didn’t have any damage from the winds and rain that Hurricane Florence brought here to Wake County.

The torrential rainfall and high winds experienced throughout much of North Carolina recently due to Hurricane Florence have resulted in devastating losses of lives and property. At Holly Springs Builders we are deeply saddened by the effect all of this has had on our neighbors. After five days of continuous rain in unprecedented amounts, a total of 39.8 inches had fallen in New Bern with as much as 25 inches in several other cities and towns. We understand just how much this has impacted everyone.

Surveying many areas after the storm, here’s what we found:

Destroyed Houses 

Flood waters rose to roof levels along numerous streets, causing the complete destruction of homes. Yet, despite the loss, most homeowners’ love for their North Carolina towns means that they will rebuild their homes right where they once stood. It’s a tribute to the resilience of our communities as well as to the unity of the people who live here.

Loss of “Home”

A house becomes a home because of the people who live there. It’s the lives lived, the shared experiences, the sense of family and belonging that create a home. Sadly, these elements were lost as well along with the cars, furniture, clothing and cherished mementoes that simply floated away in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence. Nonetheless, as the old saying goes, “Home is where the heart is,” and the hearts of all North Carolinians are here, eager to rebuild and restore that sense of home again.

Loss of Communities

The collectives losses of houses, property and entire neighborhoods has shattered our communities. It’s a painful reminder of how quickly that which took years to accumulate can be lost. However, the spirit of community is not lost. With the revitalization of our towns will come a renewed sense of community and “home,” accompanied by new memories to cherish.

At Holly Springs Builders we are here to help those who sustained damage in Southern Wake County. Specializing in building the finest decks and patios in the area, we are at your service to rebuild and restore your deck if it sustained damage or was destroyed during the hurricane. With quality craftsmanship and reasonable prices, we are your local source for making your house feel like home again.