If your backyard deck is open to all of your neighbors’ backyards or you hear a lot of vehicle traffic when sitting out on it, try a few of these ideas to create a little more privacy and give it more of a retreat feeling instead of feeling fish in a glass bowl.

Deck Privacy Ideas

Install a deck privacy screen. Besides just using a dark-colored screen, you can use lattice, bamboo, or even fabric around it.

Use plants, big leafy bushes, or even trees to create a natural barrier of privacy around your deck. 

A pergola always gives a bit of privacy and shade to your deck. With a pergola, you can hang plants and even curtains to give it more of a peaceful comfy appeal.

A trellis is a fabulous way to create privacy for your deck. Climbing plants and vines generally grow fast and will quickly give you a more secluded space.

You can plant a vertical garden around your deck. It creates beauty while giving you more privacy in a more natural way.

Have you heard of a living wall? It is a wall-mounted structure that’s covered in plants. It’s a great way to add a lush look to your deck by using a variety of baskets and plants.

Add tall potted plants to your deck for a little privacy. You can use a variety of tall grasses, flowering shrubs, and trees, or large planters filled with tall plants like palms.


Speaking of curtains, you can always hang curtains to add a touch of elegance while providing privacy. Sheers, which come in various colors, are nice and easy to wash and put back up, or a heavier fabric like canvas or bamboo that can be hosed off works well.

You can customize your privacy curtains by choosing a fabric or canvas that complements your deck or outdoor space’s color scheme. You can also add additional sheets of material to create more privacy or remove them to allow more light and air to flow through. Whatever makes you feel more relaxed.

And if you would like an addition to your current deck, or if it is in need of replacement, contact us for one free estimate.