It is that time of year again when the bugs, particularly mosquitoes, are out in abundance. Due to this, I thought I would refresh this older blog with additional information.

How do you feel about spraying your yard for mosquitoes? Before you spray, be aware that even though more yards are being sprayed for mosquitos, mosquito populations are not being reduced. Yes that is correct. Experts agree: Mosquito treatments, including the alleged “all natural” variety can harm you and your environment, while not actually reducing mosquito populations.** 

“A commercial mosquito treatment will be more likely to kill butterflies, bees and ladybugs in your yard at the time of application than the mosquitoes you’re trying to get rid of. Mosquitos are most active at dawn and dusk, but mosquito spray companies often come during the day when most pollinators are active. “**

Mosquitoes are not one of all the lovely elements of spring and summer. But the trees flowering and birds chirping serving as a harbinger of things to come are such a delight.  After all, in North Carolina, enjoying the outdoors is generally a three-season pastime.

Yet just as the pleasurable aspects of nature arrive, so do the unpleasant. Not merely an annoyance, mosquitoes also harbor Mosquito-borne diseases such as the three main arboviruses found in North Carolina’s mosquitoes and transmitted to both people and animals. Indeed, just the possibility of encountering mosquitoes and their ill effects are often enough to keep many people indoors, foregoing all outdoor enjoyment.

There Are Alternatives

A screened deck or screened patio is a great alternative, offering several benefits:

1. An Insect Barrier- A screened deck is first and foremost a barrier between you and mosquitoes as well as all other bugs and insects. Screened DeckBeing bitten by mosquitoes or any other insect is no longer an issue with a screened area for outdoor enjoyment.

2. Protection from the Elements- With its roof overhead, a screened patio provides protection from the scorching sun, preventing sunburn. Equally beneficial, it offers shelter from the rain, enabling you to relax outdoors regardless of the current forecast.

3. Expanded Living Space- As additional living space, a screened deck becomes an extension of your home, offering expanded space both for your family’s leisure and for gatherings of guests.

4. Year-Round Enjoyment- With the addition of glass windows, a custom-built deck becomes a venue for most of the year, providing both warm and colder weather options. Its garden location and complete ventilation make it an ideal spot for warm-weather relaxation and entertainment while glass windows keep it cozy throughout late autumn and into winter.

This year, begin savoring all that your yard has to offer, without the potential hazards of being bitten by mosquitoes. Let the skilled professionals at Holly Springs Builders provide your free quote for a screened custom-built deck or a porch conversion that will delight you for years to come. Give us a call for a free estimate 919-346-0678