Dreaming of a New Deck

Among the most enjoyable rites of summer in North Carolina is spending time in your own backyard, particularly during times like the upcoming holiday. Adding to that pleasure is a customized new deck. At once enhancing your outdoor time and your property value, a deck is a delightful entertainment spot for family and guests alike.

It’s the versatility that makes decks particularly enticing. Encompassing a wide array of styles, decks offer multiple uses as well as design from a variety of materials to suit your individual needs. Therefore, to inspire your new deck design and to assist you in determining your precise needs, consider the following five styles:

Deck Extension

Just as the name implies, a deck extension increases your existing deck size, using the same or contrasting materials. Widening or lengthening your deck — or, perhaps, doing both — an extension provides additional space, enabling you to designate areas for specific activities. Additionally, it may be multilevel, with each level connected by steps or paths, effectively delineating separate spaces for grilling, eating or simply relaxing.

Screened Deck

As captivating as nature can be, insects and intense sunshine can mar your enjoyment of it. A screened deck offers respite, providing the pleasures of the outdoors and the coziness of indoors at once. Essentially creating a room, screening your deck allows you to add the seasonal comfort of a ceiling fan or fireplace along with indoor-quality furnishings and rugs while still permitting breezes and flower fragrances to waft in.

Wraparound Deck

Wrap around deck

Often devised of traditional cedar or redwood, or from virtually maintenance-free composite, a wraparound deck is usually elevated, leaving plenty of yard space. Since it follows the contours of your house, it allows access from various points within your home — effectively ensuring cross-ventilation indoors — and providing a variety of relaxation spots.

Pool Deck

Encircling your swimming pool, a pool deck devised of composite prevents splinters as swimmers walk barefoot and offers a cool surface underfoot. Moreover, it provides easily accessible lounging space.

Floating/Freestanding Deck

Not attached to the house, a floating or freestanding new deck can be located anywhere in your yard, with or without rails. It offers everything from a surround for a firepit, for instance, to a shady place to entertain in the garden.

While these are just five among many deck styles, ultimately, your selection is limited only by your imagination. We customize our decks to your specifications, providing whatever you need and making it a personalized entertainment venue not just in summer but in spring and fall as well.

This year, let us build that inviting deck experience you have longed to enjoy at your own Southern Wake County home. Give us a call 919-346-0678 or contact us here and schedule an appointment for your free estimate.