a/k/a Three-Season Room

Have you been thinking about enclosing that patio or deck to create a sunroom a/k/a three season room? With not being able to travel very often this year and the thought of winter coming, it just might be. Most people don’t like the thought of having to “move inside” during the winter months. With a sunroom you wouldn’t have to, you could use a portable heater on those colder days and still enjoy the view. It could be one of the best investments you will make giving you much more use of that space and adding to the enjoyment of your home.

Those are just a few of the advantages of adding a sunroom.

The rooms are fully customizable, so you can create just the style you want. A sunroom is also enclosed with windows and screens so when it is nice outside you can appreciate the fresh breeze. And we’re talking windows, windows, a skylight, and more windows. And with all this, sunrooms keep all the unwanted elements of nature out.

Sunrooms are affordable and popular, and they bring in a flow of natural light that you can choose to relax in, read in, entertain in, and even have your morning coffee in. It becomes a part of your home, without the added expense of an actual addition. You don’t have to concern yourself about the type of furniture in your sunroom like you might with a screened patio, as it is protected from most of the elements being in an enclosed area. You can save the wicker and woven furniture for your outdoor spaces.

Sunrooms can be designed in practically any shape and size. The smaller ones are ideal for reading, coffee, or Sunroom Completerelaxing. The larger scale ones are great for entertaining, family dinners, and areas for kids to play. It is all in what you would like to use it for. These rooms have been known to be the favorite room of the house!

A sunroom is a fabulous alternative to a conventional, full-sized addition. A beautiful sunroom can increase the value of your home, allow for year round gathering opportunities here in North Carolina with the sun heating the interior, and add square footage to your home all while giving you views of nature.

If you have put off adding that sunroom to your home this year, you can always schedule one to be built next year. Just give us a call 919-346-0678.