Curb appeal is an integral part of every home. After all, it’s nice to come home and when you pull in your driveway you look at your house and think, “Now that is pretty.” Your home’s outward appearance says something about you.

Creating fantastic curb appeal can take a lot of work and money. Most of us aren’t interested in putting that much effort into it unless we need to for a particular reason. But if you want to spruce up the outside appearance of your home, try some of these ideas that don’t make you go overboard on time or budget.

  • Create an entrance with some large potted flowers or plants around the entryway or walkway. Potted plants look larger and are more attractive to the eye. Plus, you can choose pots in various colors to match or complement the outside color of your home. You can also add matching wall lanterns to add light and symmetry.
  • Add some fresh greenery. You buy small trees or bushes for a reasonable price. Add a few flower beds around them to brighten up the green.
  • Clean up and trim any shrubbery in your yard. Remove or replace overgrown shrubs or add a border of perennials along the front.
  • Install a birdbath, bench, trellis, or other decoration. You might also plant something around your mailbox. TheBird Bath trick is to create some visual interest and color in front of your house.
  • Replace the mailbox. Whether it stands on its own post or is attached to the house, the mailbox can make a surprising impact on the overall appearance. Install a new one. They come in all shapes and sizes these days.
  • Clean your gutters. They can become quite full which isn’t good for your home, plus then they start overflowing with leaves and pieces of branches. The gutters may even need to be scrubbed a bit to make them look new again.
  • Front Door Decor. Add a beautiful wreath that is appropriate for the season or one that has faux plants that fit most seasons so you don’t have to change it all the time.
  • Repair any damage to the walkway or stairs. If a brick is missing, your front entrance looks a bit off and it is a liability. Make any needed repairs and if you can, add a new row of pavers along the edge of your planted area or yard.
  • Take care of your lawn. Keep it manicured and watered so it stays nice and green.
  • Power Wash your siding, porch and driveway. Get all that pollen and accumulated dirt off of them so they look bright again. Don’t own one? You can rent them from Lowe’s and places like that.

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