So you love growing your own veggies and want to do it throughout the year. But you are not quite sure you really want a solarium to mostly grow plants in. Below are a few things to keep in mind when deciding between a solarium or adding a sunroom.

THE Differences Between a Solarium & a Sunroom


AKA greenhouse is a type of room with a complete glass design that can either be an independent freestanding building or an addition to your home. Solariums tend to be garden-type rooms with clear glass walls and ceilings, which allows natural sunshine and light to enter. They also have an expansive view of the world outside (if the windows are clean).

Growing plants in a solarium offers year-round plant protection and is popular among those who want to do their gardening in the colder months. This type of structure is made to capture as much light and warmth as possible. Keep in mind solariums can be subject to extreme temperatures so they really need to be made from good quality double-pane insulated glass.  Many homeowners add automated shades to help manage some of these extreme temperatures.

All glass (roof and walls) means high maintenance keeping it clean inside and out too. Due to the all-glass building, they tend not to be very energy efficient.


Sunrooms are bright, sunny rooms, but they are not all glass. Sunrooms tend to feel like more of an extension to your home than a solarium. The room can be decorated just like the interior of your home. Though sunrooms are not equipped with heat or air, ceiling fans and open windows allow for a nice breeze when it’s warm out, and closing the windows to keep the warmth in helps on cooler evenings.

Sunrooms with sliding patio doors are a great option for small spaces and are perfect for ground floor application.

If you already have an older sunroom and would like to spruce it up, you can add sliding or bi-fold doors to it.  You may wish to replace the screens that are currently on it if they are looking raggedy. And of course, there is always the option of newer furniture for it, adding plants and even adding motorized shades for a little privacy or to keep the heat of the day out.

So if you are thinking of jazzing up, updating your sunroom, or building a completely new one, give Holly Springs Builders a call. And don’t forget, all of Holly Springs Builders’ work is Guaranteed for 1 Full Year. If there are any defects in our workmanship, we will promptly return to resolve the issue – At No Charge to You!