Making Home Renovations? Here Are Ways To Save Money!

We have seen each and every nook and cranny in our homes this year so many times! Are you getting to the point of wanting to change a few of them (if you haven’t already)? Always remember that some renovations have a better return on investment when selling, but that shouldn’t necessarily be your main concern if you are not planning on doing so in the near future.

Here are five ways to help you save money while you are updating a few things around your home. But remember when you are thinking about the changes:

“Don’t put something in that you’re going to hate. But don’t put in something so unique that it’s going to turn 90% of buyers away.” ~Will Rodgers, Real Estate Agent

 Bamboo vs Hardwood Floors

Just like hardwood, bamboo comes in both solid and engineered options. Solid planks are made completely ofBrazilian-Cherry-Hardwood-Floor renovations bamboo, while engineered planks feature a bamboo veneer attached to a plywood or fiberboard core. The best engineered bamboo flooring has the same advantages and disadvantages as the best engineered wood flooring. Bamboo is a beautiful, strong, and eco-friendly flooring. Bamboo per square foot can be much less expensive, depending on the type.

Ceramic Tile vs Stone Floors

Ceramic tile can be a dead ringer for stone tile, but much less expensive. It comes in a variety of hardness ratings that make some of the applications not a good fit for floors but rather for backsplashes. Ceramic tile comes in countless color and pattern variations. It can even be made to resemble the look of natural stone or hardwood planks.

Curtains vs Doors

If you are remodeling your bathroom, you might want to stick with the shower curtains. They come in an endless supply of colors and even designer curtains are much less expensive than shower doors. Of course if it is a stand-alone shower, you really should go with the doors.

Reuse – Don’t Toss Out Everything

Keep in mind that furniture or any other home accessories are worth keeping. That chair may just need recovered, or that side table that your uncle made may be something you really want to keep. Give thoughtful consideration before you start tossing everything out. 

Outdoor Living

If you have several acres of land or just a couple hundred square feet of balcony, renovating or updating your Metal & Wood Railing Renovationsoutdoor living space can make a significant difference for you to enjoy and even for potential buyers.

You can expand your deck, cover your patio and add a ceiling fan, update the railings on your current deck, screen your area in or make it a sunporch, and even add lighting.

Whatever you decide to do to your home this year, please make sure you have verified that the contractors are insured and have references that you have called on before you hand them any money! Then just enjoy the area that you have had remodeled like it’s a new home!