A good home remodeling project never gets old, but what you have changed might.

That’s why this year’s trends in home remodeling projects are all about efficiency  – ways to make the space more functional for your needs, healthier, and more colorful. That isn’t going to change anytime soon as technology creates more and more efficient products.

Benefits – The benefit of health over savings is going to be big this year. An example is furniture with natural fibers like wicker and rattan. People are becoming more active when it comes to their health and well-being, especially Millennials who have shown that they’ll spend more for products that deliver health and fitness benefits.

Colors – What about colors. They seem to change every year! What is your preference; pink, purple, peach, blue and gray. Yep, those are the colors making the scene this year in fabric, accessories, furniture, and walls. You might also want to paint your foyer or half-bath in mellow yellow!

Kitchens – Remodeling kitchens and bathrooms are popular ways to increase a home’s value for future sale and they are particularly hot projects this year. Out with the old and in with the new. With all the technology available on touch screens now for refrigerators and stoves, and all the energy efficiency advances, who wouldn’t want to renovate their kitchen or bath.

Porches and Decks – Building a three-season porch or deck adds an extra dimension of space to any home. The new space also enables homeowners to enjoy their outdoor living space more, an important feature for North Carolina homes. More and more homeowners are enclosing their decks to obtain that extra space and be able to get more use out of their investment no matter the weather.Indoor Greenery

Plants – Along with the natural fibers and furniture and energy-efficient appliances think plants. The demand for plants inside the home is only going to rise. This is due to more sustainable homes and houses with cleaner air.

Closets – This is one part of the home that is generally never as large as we would like it. Expanding a closet or adding shelves and drawers in it is always on the hot list of home projects. Customizing that space is always the answer for those looking to get the most function out of any closet.

Find the right carpenter / custom builder – Be sure to thoroughly vet the person doing work around your home. Home projects can get expensive as you add this or change that. Your custom builder needs to stick to the budget you create while providing quality work.

Digital – Mobile is quickly overtaking desktop and even in-store shopping. Shoppers want to know about your product or service on the go as they are thinking about it – at their convenience. Show them what your product does, what it is made of, what it can do and how easily they can purchase right from their phones!

Design trends in 2020 seem to be headed more towards health and sustainability. Homeowners are looking for unique but also changes that won’t go out of style quickly. They want them to last for many years down the road.