No matter how large their homes, many homeowners discover they’d like more living space. Perhaps a guest bedroom, home office, or play space is needed. Remodel that existing attic space. Doing so can be the perfect solution while adding value to your home.

framed atticBuilding additional living space within your existing footprint avoids dealing with the hassles of zoning and easement concerns. However, local building codes for safety and construction must be considered when designing your attic space. Experienced contractors like Holly Springs Builders can guide you through that process, or a local building inspector can provide the relevant codes.

Once you are familiar with the building requirements, the fun begins! Interesting attic rooflines, nooks, and crannies can inspire creative design.

Attic Design Considerations

Depending upon the type of remodeling that you are planning, there are several things to consider:

Ceilings: Sloped attic ceilings can add a dramatic focal point to the room. Add molding, beadboard or tongue-and-groove paneling, or rustic beams for effect depending upon your style.

Lighting: Attics are often dark, gloomy spaces, but positioned at the top of your home, they present the perfect opportunity for natural lighting with skylights and windows. Dormers can be a great way to not only add windows but create additional space for storage and seating. If you are designing a bedroom space you’ll want to consider window and skylight shades and coverings. Remote control skylight openings and solar shades are available. Add enough electrical lighting to create a cozy evening space. Tuck light fixtures out of the way in the ceiling.

Floors: Begin by examining the flooring joists to make sure they can handle the load of your living space and strengthen them as needed. Hush! Carpeting the floor is a good choice to provide sound insulation above the family bedrooms.

Insulation: Update the insulation to eliminate extreme heat and cold in your space and check out your existing heating and cooling systems to see if they need enlarging. Creating a separate climate zone in your attic remodel is often desirable. Installing ceiling fans can help keep everyone comfortable year-round.

Stairway from Remodel AtticAccess: How will your family access the new space? A switchback staircase is often a good solution as it takes up less space or many people love spiral stairs.

Color: Whites and other light colors help to visually enlarge the space and create that airy, inviting feeling.

Space: Be creative. Take advantage of all the nooks and crannies for additional storage and workspace. Knee walls can provide a great location for built-in shelves, cubbies, and cabinets. Tuck a desk into a quiet corner. Keep mattresses close to the floor. Minimalistic, low-profile furniture can give the impression of more space.

Let Holly Springs Builders help you turn that dark, cluttered attic into a great new living space!