What is the difference?


A porch is generally defined as an outdoor structure with a roof that is usually open at the sides. It is attached to the main residence and protects guests from the weather or serves as a resting place for occupants to entertain and enjoy the fresh air. It is a protected area for an entry on the home. A porch can be found in the front or back of the home. An aesthetically pleasing porch can have a great effect on your home’s curb appeal. Larger porches may even have a sitting area to relax on.


A patio is generally built with slab-built homes and is usually ground level. We have many slab-built homes in this area, and both patios and porches may be paved or cement outdoor living spaces. They can be found in the front of a home, but most times are in the back, and can be left open to the sky or covered with a roof. They are generally created with natural stone, poured concrete or pavers.

Some homes with crawl spaces even have patios with just one or two steps down due to the height of the wall and yard. I have built low to the ground wood decks over these types of patios, extending them past the cement to obtain more usable area.


I’m pretty sure we all know a deck when we see one. A deck is generally made out of wood (or maybe composite) and is usually attached to the entryway of the back of the home, though sometimes it can be free standing or even wrap-around the home. Decks are usually not covered. Here in the south most builders have a deck built with the original home. They vary in size, shape and designs. Depending on the neighborhood and the developer, the original decks can be quite small.


A porch conversion would be done when the porch is described as above, being an outdoor, attached structure with a roof and open sides.

It could be converted in a couple of different ways. I have screened porches so you still have all that open air and breeze that comes with it. I have also converted some into a sunroom with screen and windows keeping the bugs and bad weather out. With this conversion you can add ceiling fans, lights, skylights, carpeting and much more due to it being completely enclosed.

What type of outdoor living space fits your home and needs the best is always up to you, but consideration needs to be taken in regards to the usable land and area, height of the exit from the home, slope of the yard, and drainage areas.

So whether you are looking to convert your porch, screen in your patio or porch, or see about a new or larger deck, give me a call to come by. We will take a look to see what we can do to enlarge or re-design your outdoor living space and create something you will just love.