It is a rough time for many of us, particularly small businesses, with this “stay at home” situation in hopes of containing the spread of the virus. So to relieve a little of that stress, let’s daydream.

Think of the perfect deck, screened patio or sunroom that you might want to complete your backyard lifestyle. Imagine what it will look like when it is built. Imagine relaxing or entertaining out on it. Maximizing your yard is as simple as building or adding to a deck.

Many homeowners think they can’t have a deck because they don’t have enough room. But decks come in all shapes, sizes, and types. Consider some options and various decks we can custom build to fit your yard.

Built-In SeatingDeck with Built-in Seating

If you don’t have a great amount of space for that perfect deck there are options. It doesn’t have to be huge. Built-in seating will still allow plenty of room for entertaining family and guests with less extra furniture needed.

Main Floor Deck

So you have a home here in Wake County that is built into a hill or maybe you are lucky and have a full basement. We can extend a current deck or build that dreamed about perfect deck up high so you can enjoy it right off of the main floor of the home. Add a stairway down to access the lower patio and backyard with a gate so those little ones can’t head down the stairs.

Pool Deck

Jump into your above-ground pool with a deck surrounding it. A deck that snugly fits your above-ground pool’s shape saves you the trouble of climbing up a pool ladder to get in it. Added deck space also offers a place for family and friends to lounge and a better vantage point from which to supervise children. The same applies for that hot tub you’ve always wanted in our yard.

Wraparound DeckWrap-around Deck

This space saver is perfect for homes with smaller yards. Wrapping a deck around your house gives you cozy porches for sitting with friends or rocking in a chair at the end of the day on whichever side of your home you prefer. By taking advantage of the sides of your house, you don’t use up the main yard space, and wraparound decks add to your home’s curb appeal.


Take that patio and enclose it. Enclosing it will give you more living space and a great area to relax on those rainy days. You can add a fireplace to enjoy in your sunroom, comfy furniture, a rug, great lighting, and design it as you would a new room in your home. Or you can run heat into it and really make it an extra room of your home with beautiful streaming light!

Deck Extension

Is your deck too small to fit all of your friends and family? Extending your deck by just a few feet can make the area feel much larger, giving you more room for chairs or the grill. Extensions also offer the opportunity to rearrange the deck layout a bit, or the chance to add fun features such as storage, a pergola, planters, and built-in seats.

Screened DeckScreened Deck - Holly Springs Builders

North Carolina’s bugs and summer sun make screened decks the preferred choice for many. Screened decks can almost become another room, with fireplaces, lights, and ceiling fans to make the space useful for three seasons. Holly Springs Builders uses screening that is almost invisible. Ask us about it.

Whatever you are dreaming of, don’t stop. Keep on creating and dreaming.

As a side note, please remember to help your local small businesses in any way you can. Even if it means purchasing gift certificates for later, or spreading the world that they have curb service and that they are open. Every little bit helps keep them going in times like this. Thank you.