A year ago, we wrote about the future of outdoor lifestyle trends. But that year has come and gone, and this year has presented us with new developments in technology, design and decoration. There are some emerging trends that will change the way people think about outdoor lifestyles in 2022.

Many people are turning their backyards into outdoor living rooms – giving themselves a chance to enjoy their outdoors while indoors. This can be seen through the increase in boho style designs and wood decking being popularized even further. 

Sharing space with nature is the new trend in the future. This will be achieved through blending indoor and outdoor spaces, putting together modern lifestyle trends with natural elements. We are set to see a natural theme being at the core of this year’s exterior design.

Lighting is set to become smarter with AI assistants being integrated into lamps with voice-activated devices that turn on when there is motion detected in the garden at night.

Wood Decking

Lifestyle Trends 2022

Wood decking will be common place outside homes because of its natural look and low maintenance requirement.

It provides a natural space. It also gives the home a rustic look that many people prefer over concrete or tiled surfaces.

Smart Lights

Smart lights will be more common outside homes to create mood lighting for different occasions like dinners or parties. It can also turn off automatically when it’s not needed like at night time or when no one is at home.

Smart lights are being implemented in a variety of places outside of homes. 

Now, smart lights can be found on street corners and in office buildings to help improve the mood. In the future, it is predicted that these lights will be used more for their functionality rather than aesthetics.

Boho Style

Boho style is a popular design idea that has been around for years but its increasing in popularity and shows no signs of slowing down. It may be time for you to get on the bandwagon. This style is characterized by free-flowing shapes that are reminiscent of nature. Bohemian style is inspired by the bohemian culture, which celebrates creativity, freedom of expression, and diversity in all forms. 


From plants for your deck to furniture and plants for your backyard, people want to be outside as much as possible.

There are many trends in the world of gardening. One of the most important trends for this year is using plants that are native to your area to plant on or around your deck. This trend has been growing rapidly in popularity because it provides one with a feeling of familiarity and belonging.

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