Back in December I wrote a blog about the price and lack of availability of lumber and what had to take place for it to go from the tree to the lumber yards. You can find that here if you didn’t have a chance to read it previously.


Since then, lumber has gone from a 52 Week High of $1,670.50 to a 52 Week Low of $454.20. At the time of the writing of this blog, it was around $517. Currently, it is close to a yearly low. But still, prices are much higher than they were in the summer of 2020.

Reuters notes – “Until builder costs and supply-chain problems become less of an impediment, it is hard to see new sales picking up significantly in the near term.” **

Build that deck

If you have been holding off on building a deck because lumber was so pricey and unavailable, and you didn’t want to use composite, experts say now might be the time to build that deck or enclose the one you have. Hopefully soon the supply will completely stabilize, but jump in and get what you need before the new home builders really start in again.

Adding a custom-built deck can add value to your home, expand your living space, provide a transition between the interior and exterior of your home, create a private sanctuary, or convert your yard into a favorite entertainment venue. Homebuilders in the area built most homes with a deck or patio, but generally they were small (unless you have a very expensive home). We could always see about expanding what is there if it is still in good shape.

Or you might want to do a porch conversion which  really doesn’t take too much lumber at all. The roof is there, the patio is there, it just requires framing and screening it in. 

Replace a worn screen

If you have an older screened porch, the screen may be sagging or have tears in it. It may not even be sturdy enough to power wash the bugs and pollen off. We can replace that raggedy old screen with Phifer screens. It comes in different shades so if you prefer to enjoy the view, it can be almost transparent, or a darker shade to give you privacy.

Give us a call

Whatever you are wanting to do to enjoy your back yard more, whether it is add to your current deck or build that new deck you’ve been wanting, the lumber options are opening back up and should continue to do so.  Currently, there is no reliable pricing for lumber as it seems to fluctuate frequently. As supply and demand even out a bit more, we might just see the pricing drop some. Give us a call today to get a free estimate on what you have been waiting to do.