Closet Space – How Much is In Your Home

Some houses, even some newer ones, have small closets. You find yourself squishing your clothing into them and then when you go to wear them, they come out all wrinkled and messy. Then you have to pull out the iron (what?). That can be extremely irritating if you just had the clothes dry-cleaned. And, if you actually need extra storage space; well that is why no one parks in their garage in the south.

Free-standing Wardrobes

Although few visitors will see your closet (and probably your bedroom), the closet is an Stand-alone wardrobeimportant space, storing most of life’s stuff. But think about this; if you don’t have a floorplan that allows you to expand your closet by knocking out a wall to make the current one larger or adding an additional one, you could always go for a custom-built free-standing wardrobe closet. These are built to set on the wall, under stairs or in an alcove instead of being a room itself.

They can be built with just about any type of material and color to go with any decor. They can have mirrored doors, glass doors, or wood of any type. You can add open shelving for nick-nacks or specific shelves for shoes and watches.  Wardrobe closets act as beautiful and practical pieces of furniture, enhancing the aesthetics of any room you would want one in. You can add crown molding to add style and even a small row of glass panel inserts for an upper tier of shelves. A customized wardrobe closet will fit perfectly into the space you have, maximizing storage for your items.

You deserve a great system for organizing your clothes and personal items. You can achieve this with a wardrobe closet by including drawers for small folded items, rods for hanging items, and still be able to shut the door on a little clutter if needed. They are definitely a great way to make sure your clothes, shoes, and accessories stay organized.

Modern wardrobe closets increase the livability to an open floor plan or large room, yet taking nothing away from that style.

If you have a family room in the basement, you may need areas of storage for books, DVDs, toys, blankets, and more. A wardrobe closet built around your needs would be the perfect addition, adding to the room’s warmth and storage capacity.

According to Bob Vila, “A freestanding wardrobe is a quick and easy way to add a closet; like cabinets, freestanding wardrobes come with the sawing and finishing already done.”

So whatever your additional clothing storage needs are, you can always find a great style choosing a freestanding wardrobe. There are DYI wardrobes at stores like Lowes that you just put together, or if you really get into building items, you can find one you like online and build it to your available size. House and Garden has several great styles to look at. There are just so many. Run a search on Google and see for yourself.

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