How Much was that Deck to Build?

Now that so many people are staying home a little more these days, and it appears that will be happening for a while longer, you might be thinking about building a new or larger deck or maybe screening in your current one.

Homeowners often ask right up front; how much to build that deck? Unfortunately, the cost to build a deck is not quite so simple. Decks come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. Along with that, everyone’s yard slopes differently away from their home. Some decks need to be built higher off of the ground due to their yard which adds to the cost.

Inside and Outside Deck - Home ImprovementTo figure out the cost to build your deck, we go through a very defined process. Here are a few things to expect. How We Estimate the Cost of Building a Deck:  (Keep in mind that every county or city has different specifications.)

1. Layout – Building a deck starts with a look at your yard and the back of your house. How is it laid out? Is there good access to the home? How high off the ground is the deck going to be? Will you want one or two sets of stairs leading out into the yard?
2. Size – Next, we discuss the size, the square footage. Obviously a larger deck will cost more than a small one. Many people like their deck most of the length of their homes. Others prefer a smaller area to entertain or enjoy the sun.
3. Details – Decks can be as simple or as ornate as you want. What do you want it built from, wood or composite? Do you want it screened? Does the deck need a railing? (If the deck is below 30 inches off the ground, railings are generally optional.) Railings also come in different materials and designs.
4. Materials – The type of material you want your deck built from always plays a big part in the cost, along with how much maintenance it will require to keep it up.
5. Design – This is a very important step. – During our consultation, we’ll discuss what you want your deck to look like. Do you want a pergola? Where will the steps go? Do you want a specific grilling area or built-in seating? As we talk, Matt starts building the deck in his head. But that’s no help to you. That’s why he will sketch out a picture of the deck and mark it out in the yard, giving you a good idea of what it will look like and just how much of your backyard it will take up. We want everything clear to everyone involved before beginning.

Additional Costs

Many people want extra features with their deck and rightly so. You want to enjoy the new area you have designed. Deck features such as custom seating, lighting, heaters, and landscaping are all factors in your deck cost. It’s a good idea to think about some of these things when you begin picturing your deck.

Some of these “extras” you may prefer to install at a later time, but it’s always good practice to let your building team know in advance in case they affect the deck design. You just never know what might.

Decks pricing can average $4,380 to $10,080 but can vary significantly depending on size, materials, and options. Send s a text today at 919-346-0678 for a free consultation and estimate.