Do You Prefer To DIY

Many of us take great pride in doing repairs and updates around our home by ourselves. Whether it’s fixing the leaky faucet or running wires for your entertainment center, we are proud to take care of the small things around our house and being a DIY’er.

In some cases, depending on your level of experience, you might be able to DIY on larger projects. And if you are a pro and you have endless amounts of time, you may even choose to build your own deck or three-season room yourself.

But everyone seems so busy these days that time is a precious commodity. So unless you absolutely love this type of project, it’s much easier to leave it to a professional. In addition to saving your own time, the project will likely be done efficiently and at less material costs because you hired a professional that has been building for years.

But what about that professional? How are you sure you have found a good one that knows what he is doing and will get the job done right?

Check Credentials and References

Always choose a builder with the proper licenses and insurance. A good company will happily show you proof upon request and will also provide references who you can speak with that he has done work for. Call those references to find out how they feel about the work and the builder.

Consider Availability

Some contractors are small shops, while others have a team. Know up front what time frame you require and make sure to mention it during the first contact call. A good builder will be up front with you about scheduling and time-lines.

Clear and Concise Correspondence

Make sure the communication line is open and clear when talking with a contractor. Ask questions about the project you want done. Make sure they understand how you want it to look. Make sure you understand their process, when payments are due, and time frames.

Review the Contract

Few of us enjoy reading contracts, but it’s important to know what you are getting for your money. Be sure you understand it all, and don’t be afraid to ask if you are not sure what something means. The contract should include the description of the work, a start date, an estimated completion date, and a payment schedule, at minimum. And does he have any type of warranty or guarantee. Make sure that is also in the contract.

Above All Watch for Red Flags

When we hire someone we often rely on our instincts, and that can be a good thing. A good builder will take you seriously, treat you with respect, arrive on time, answer all your questions, and overall provide good customer service.

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