Home improvement and home maintenance are never-ending it seems. Whether you want to have the outside of your home power-washed, have rooms painted, add on a deck or three-season room or finish your attic or basement, there is always something you would probably like to spruce up, update or add to your home. 

Finding the best time for your home improvement project is sometimes hard to do. You may need to save up for the project or you may prefer to wait until the kids are in school. Families are so busy these days; it can be hard to fit a home improvement project in as some can be a little disruptive to your routine. However, keep in mind that some times of year are better for certain projects than others because of the weather and conditions needed for the project. Here are some examples to help you plan your next home improvements.

Decks can be built nearly any time of year, but the necessary concrete footings can only be poured if the temperature is above freezing (32 degrees Fahrenheit). In North Carolina, temperatures don’t tend to drop that low until January or February, so we generally schedule deck work in all the other months, but it differs year by year – after all, it is North Carolina. Concrete must set evenly to prevent later problems. So while we build decks almost any time of year, we may schedule parts of your project around the weather forecast.

We can build three-season rooms or screened patios almost any time of year as well, unless there is a major Inside and Outside Deck - Home Improvementsnowstorm or hurricane, of course! If concrete is necessary, the same rules apply as to decks. If you are enclosing a porch already built, we can be ready to go any time of year. In summer when temperatures can climb into the high 90s, we may start earlier and leave earlier to miss those afternoon highs if that, of course, doesn’t interfere with your family’s schedule.

Keep in mind that the price of the materials like paint, lumber, and cement can change depending on the time of year and the demand for them.  It is generally a good idea to have your project happen a month or so before or after it is in demand with everyone else’s if possible.

For instance, that deck you’ve been dreaming about building to use when the weather gets nice will need to be planned before it’s constructed, so why not contact us while it is still cold. There may not be a waiting list and it will give us plenty of time to size up your yard, pick the type of wood and railings, and design just what you are looking for!

If you have questions about when the best time of year to schedule the project that you have been dreaming about, please contact us. We will discuss time or weather concerns during our free estimate consultation.