We Have Three Seasons to Enjoy our Backyard Lifestyle

As summer transitions towards fall, you may be ready to explore some new ways to enjoy your backyard lifestyle. To design a space that best suits your needs, first think about your family’s priorities and what you do most out there. Do you need a play area for children? Outside dining space? Cozy, quiet nooks for reading and relaxing? Gathering spaces for entertaining? 

One way to approach new backyard ideas is to consider creating “zones” for your yard that match your favorite activities, perhaps including a unique or focal point for interest. Here are some great possibilities to include:

Gathering PlacesOutdoor Fireplace

You may already have a deck or patio area, but have you considered adding a fire pit or fireplace for fun evening get-togethers with family and friends? Fire pits may be as simple as a hole in the ground surrounded by gravel, rock or brick, or can include concrete fire bowls or specially purchased tables and containers. Adding benches or Adirondack chairs beckons your guests to gather and enjoy the evening together. Grab some marshmallows, cozy throw blankets and you are all set!

Outdoor kitchens are particularly popular gathering spots and a great way to extend your living area. They range from more elaborate designs built with stone and masonry, outfitted with appliances, cabinets, bars, pizza ovens, and islands to a simpler all-weather wooden grill cart including additional counter, prep space, and storage. Create the perfect adjacent outdoor dining area with a pergola, canvas shade or sail, string bulb lights or a chandelier, fans, heaters, comfy cushions, and colorful table linens. Tile flooring or area rugs can add a special touch to define the area, herb and vegetable gardens nearby make cooking easy and add fragrance. Don’t forget the Bluetooth speakers and music to set the mood.

Getaway Spaces

Does relaxing with a good book or enjoying a peaceful afternoon outdoors sound nice? Consider designing a special oasis in your backyard to create that type of backyard lifestyle. Create a live screen or fence with tall garden pots, hedges, trellises or vertical garden walls to make a cozy, secluded retreat. Mark the path with rope lighting and a private gate. If enjoying nature is a family pleasure, add bird feeders, birdbaths, and colorful native plantings to attract birds and butterflies. How about a garden room surrounded by tall sunflowers and the humming of bees to inspire you?

Babbling BrookThe peaceful murmur of a water feature or fountain can contribute a sense of tranquility to your backyard oasis and drown out surrounding noise. Depending upon your landscape, stone waterfalls, ponds, or cascading brooks may provide the ambiance that you are looking for. Is there anything more relaxing than sinking into a hot tub to relax?

Who doesn’t like a yard swing? With a few hooks, a good base, some solid chains, and a comfortable mattress, you can create a wonderful lounging space for reading, stargazing and afternoon naps. Welcome loungers with quilts, pillows, lighting and a mix of colors and textures. If something smaller or simpler is in mind, install a hammock or swinging chair to enjoy.

Places to Play

Don’t forget to include some special play spaces for both kids and adults to enjoy games and activities. Green space for corn hole, yard darts, badminton or croquet can add to the family and entertaining fun. For children, create a shady playground with a slide, rope ladders, a sandbox or perhaps a trampoline. 

Both adults and children might enjoy a secret clubhouse in the yard – a shed or treehouse for special games, hobbies, and interests. From she-sheds to man caves to playhouses, there are ideas ranging from rustic to magical found online.

Whatever your wishes, your backyard provides an opportunity to extend your living space and enjoyment no matter the size and location. Have fun creating!