How Much Do You Use Your Deck?

Decks are one of the most useful parts of a house. Decks create a second living room or dining room, extending the house’s space giving friends and family a place to sit comfortably outdoors.

Many homes have decks, but many of those decks are basic. Some are simple platforms, some have railings. Make the most of your deck by adding on features that make it both more useful and more attractive.

Consider one of these ideas — or all five:

1. Built-in seating — Of course you’re going to set up a table and chairs for eating and enjoying your deck. But building in some seating is an easy way to save space while adding room for more to enjoy. The built-in seats also give your deck a more complete look and can be designed to hold cushions or as a small bench.

2. Pergolas — Dress up your deck space with a pergola. When planned and built correctly, they can offer visual interest, a place for climbing plants, hanging plants, and a way to create a sense of space around a dining area or casual seating spot.

3. Shade – In North Carolina, we often have to retreat from our decks in July and August during the worst heat of the summer. (Not to say we don’t get plenty of use out of them for most the rest of the year.) While table umbrellas provide some shade around your seating, sail shades are a fantastic option for those looking for that something extra. They offer a wider swath of sun protection and create a larger sense of space without crowding everyone around the table. Or, you can always create that extra room by enclosing your deck with either screening or glass.

4. Built-in Planters – By adding flower pots, or better yet, built-in planters, you can make your deck stand out as a real living room behind your house.

5. Screens – A deck offers a way to spend more time in your backyard, but for some, it’s easier to relax away from the threat of mosquitoes. Screen-in part or all of your deck to create a three-season room.

Looking for creative ideas to make your deck pop this summer? Give us a call and we can help you with those ideas.