Screened patio - porch conversion using SCREENEZE® -  Holly Springs Builders.

Screen It In

Screening your porch or deck comes with many benefits. But once you decide to keep bugs out of your space, it’s often difficult to choose which type of system to use. The options seem endless and often depend on your goals regarding sun, bugs, panels, and more, but we love the SCREENEZE® system.

Holly Springs Builders uses the SCREENEZE® system for patios, decks, and porches. This system is very useful for professionals to install screens.

Here are five great reasons we will use it for your next screening project:

1. Looks fantastic. We would never want to use a screening system that doesn’t look good. Screening materials come in a variety of colors from barely visible to dark and private. By enclosing your deck or patio with screens, you create a more comfortable and enjoyable space.

2. Easy to install. We love to work on your deck or screened porch, making it your perfect space. But we also know you want it done as quickly as possible. The Screeneze system is simple to install, meaning your screened patio or deck is done efficiently but faster.

3. Color options. People’s porches come in different colors, which means you want choices when screening. Some screening systems come in one or two colors, but the screening system Holly Springs Builders offers come in four: white, bronze, sand, and clay.

4. Flexible. Screeneze can be installed in an arched opening as well as a square space and attached to any smooth, uniform surface. It is a no-spline, self-stretching system that allows for large panels and easy repair. This system enables you to install up to 150 square feet at once.

5. Free samples. “Know before you buy” is a great motto for any home improvement project. Samples are available for you to check out prior to any purchase.

Overall, screening your deck or patio offers a range of benefits, including insect protection, enhanced comfort, and privacy, reduces debris, and helps to extend your outdoor living season.

If you’re ready to screen in your deck, porch, or patio, give Holly Springs Builders a call at 919-346-0678 or contact us here. All of our work is Guaranteed for 1 Full Year. If there are any defects in our workmanship, we will promptly return to resolve the issue – At No Charge to You!